I created this page in my journey towards Linux. Being a long time Windows user (and being thoroughly annoyed by app stores and forced service registrations) I decided with the new Windows 8, that it is enough.

So I went and tried Linux. First moved my laptop to Linux Mint, then created my own server based on Debian. So far so good. i was impressed on how flawless the transition worked. Sometimes I was even frustrated, that I did only use my Laptop and have no opportunity to repair or tinker with it.

But there was one thing that bothered me. Every now and then I would encounter a strange error or behavior. Searching the net I would find numerous other people having the same problem or error message, but no solution.
The posts would end with “Finally found the error, thanks” or you had to read 200 forum pages / mailing lists to piece together what was done to solve the error.

So I decided I do not want to make the same mistake and document what I did to solve the errors I encountered. I will focus on problems that were time consuming for me to solve, just because I had to look around and piece the thing together. For some this might be trivial stuff, but hey…
For now this is a test. I am only human and might loose interest in this. If you want to help and add content to this site, contact me below.

Disclaimer: The solutions I am posting here have been tested by me or the person who posted it. You are using them on your own risk.

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